We Bring Maps into the 21st Century
From concept to completion we can do all or part of your project


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Printed Maps + Mobile + Desktop

Specializing In Themed Maps

Whether it is something for tourism, or ghosts, or biking trails, we create maps for a variety of themes.

Matching Mobile with Maps

Everyone has a mobile phone today. We are a rare mapping company that can do both printed and digital maps


Mystery Maps

Mystery Maps

Tourism Maps

Tourism Maps

History Timelines

History Timelines

Educational Games

Educational Games
What we do

Our Services

No Matter What Your Level of Expertise, We Can Work With You


Consult and Create a Plan of Action for You

Maybe you need, or require, another set of experienced eyes to look at your pending project to offer advice and review. We can do that. Having done projects both tin the public and private sector, we can be that critical objective point of view to satisfy your needs and process requirements.


Complete Part of Your Project for You

Sometime your office can deal with part of the process to design and publish a map, but there are some parts that elude, or stall things. We can help. Having done dozens of maps, from start to finish, we can provide sections of the process.


Do the Whole Project From Design to Publishing

Some projects, it is easier to have an expert with experience to the whole thing. We can certainly do that with 25+ years experience, more than 70 maps projects completed and 2.2 million copies out in Ontario.
What Drives Us

Our Mission

To produce maps that people want to use